dummyImageIf you’ve shopped for outdoor furniture recently, you may have noticed that many casual furniture manufacturers are “going green”. We offer a terrific selection of eco-friendly products that are durable and maintenance-free, built from recycled materials. Many styles range from Adirondack chairs, dining and bar sets as well as benches, rocking chairs and picnic tables. These pieces are built to last and come in a wide array of vivid and vibrant colors.

Most lines offer excellent warranties against cracking, splintering, chipping, peeling or rotting. The color of the furniture runs solid through the product. Features like color matched stainless steel hardware, built in ultra-violet stabilizers and sturdy construction will surely stand the test of time. So, the next time you stop in for a visit, we will show you all of the green that you can save by “going green” with these great products.